Welcome to ‘Brown Guy Cooks’!

… a peek into the random experiments I perform in my kitchen.

I sincerely hope this is the first of many blog entries and I am able to capture your attention. My intent, while I share my experiences and experiments, is that I am able to inspire many others to cook. And, whether you cook or not, I sure hope that you had fun reading my blog entries!

I am certainly not one of those for whom cooking was always a passion. In fact, I always stayed away from it because I thought it was complicated, detail oriented and scary at times. I might be one of those small group of people for whom it ‘grew’ on them. It is only recently that I found it de-stressing, confidence-boosting and above all – lots of fun!

Through my blog entries, my endeavor would be to not just inspire others but also to share what I learn about ingredients, recipes, influence of culture on food, people who share a similar passion and much more.

Although my experiences might be limited to Indian cuisine or my living in America or my travel between both of those countries, I hope that I can relate to everyone far and wide.

I sincerely hope that as I embark on this journey, I come across experiences and stories that would further enrich me.



The Brown Guy.