The Beginning of a Blog…

The last few weeks have been hectic. While I did have a pretty good idea on topics for my first few posts, I did not realize that it takes a lot of effort and detail in building the infrastructure around your blog. What you see today is probably still a ‘light-weight’ version of my blog but as time goes by, I do intend to add more bells and whistles, without compromising on the theme and heart of this blog.

May be one day I will write a detailed post on what it took me to get my blog up and running, but in short, here is what I have been able to accomplish so far:

  • Identified and installed Themes and Plugins
  • Create profile and cover images (with help, of course)
  • Create and Setup Facebook Page
  • Create and Setup Twitter Handle
  • Create and Setup Google Plus Account

Overall, it has been a very pleasant and rewarding process.

The experiments in the kitchen, though, never stopped! I will share them with you in the coming days. While I was working on setting up the infrastructure mentioned above, I have also narrowed down a list of topics that I would like to share in the coming days that will hopefully create momentum for my future experiments.

Here is a list of topics I have come up with so far:

  • Basic ingredients in an Indian Kitchen
  • People who have inspired me into cooking
  • A comparison of world cuisines that are considered spicy
  • Places where I have eaten at that I would like to share my feedback on

I am really looking forward to the coming days as I prepare to post on the topics I mentioned above.