About the Brown Guy

I am just another regular guy – have a job that keeps me happy, well for the most part at least, have a beautiful family with kids that are the love of my life. I had always wondered how it would be to have an alternate passion in life that would probably take just a few minutes of your every day life but at the same time helps you keep going. This blog is an attempt at that experiment.

I have always loved cinema, music, sports, food, photography and reading. But yet, may be because I am an introvert, never really thought that I should share with others what I love.

Cooking is probably my most recent passion. I think I always had the urge but never really made it into a habit. I believe I have put myself on a journey to make it into a habit and while I do that, I intend to share my experiences with everyone. My love for food always encouraged me to taste¬†anything (within my boundaries of course – cultural, moral, etc). I first tried my hand at cooking out of sheer necessity a few decades back as a bachelor. I was getting good at it but stopped cooking when the necessity died since my bride was much better at cooking than me ūüôā

So why now? I just needed something to de-stress and de-clutter my mind that is also useful to people around me. So, here I am, cooking again!

What turned me on towards this passion was not the outcome but the process itself. You will see me share not recipes and ingredients that go into those recipes and the various measures of those recipes. But rather, I will share, hopefully, the techniques, the process, the background and the outcome of a particular meal rather than just the recipe. It is that approach which made me cook and hopefully that will encourage others as well.

I am sure there are many out there who would love to experiment in their kitchens – with their headphones on while listening to music or watching a movie or a game. I hope I am able to help them all.

I like positive things in life. From time to time, I will also share a quote I might have read or an experience with a person I might have come across or a show that inspired me. I hope you will welcome those as much as the experiments in my kitchen.

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